THE LIVING LIGHT    Underwater Light Photography by Brian Leonard

Transmissions of Light!

In an experiment to photograph dancing sunlight underwater, a world of wonder amazingly emerged; inviting expanded considerations of possibility and revealing the healing energy inherent in nature; as transmissions of Light!

Since the beginning of my experience with these images, it’s been about sharing the Light!  The first roll of images spoke of their healing potential simply by being seen.  I took that message to Heart: mostly given away as random gifts, in the form of the 2008 Watershine calendar and the Ask the Light Miracle Cards; 110,000 images are now present in homes, offices and healing centers in 23 countries around the world. 

7 years into what has become an amazing Journey of Light, I am fascinated by the yet unseen potential within these infinitely random, split-second projections of natural beauty. And so, I keep diving and turning toward the Light in hopeful expectation that somewhere within the next thousand images my intuitive suspicions are realized; by direct contact with the Angelic realm.     

As you might imagine, The Living Light images are constantly evolving. Currently, they have diversified into several categories: Light Rays, Girl of Light, Surface, Mirrors and Messages of Light.  Please enjoy the various galleries and thank you for being here.